Knowledge And Reason

April 22 was the 300th anniversary of Immanuel Kant's birthday. A good reason to publish my series of pictures “Knowledge and Reason”, in which I dedicate myself to antiquity and the Enlightenment.

The Greek philosopher and natural scientist Aristarchus conceived the heliocentric world view 300 years before our era. It was only 1,800 years later that Nicholas Copernicus once again described the earth as a satellite of the sun, after scientific and philosophical knowledge, along with the culture of antiquity, had been deliberately destroyed during Christianization. It was only the process of Enlightenment that gave the sciences and individuals more intellectual freedom.

This happened against bitter resistance from the church and the nobility. And it is probably in human nature that the freedom of the individual is and will continue to be threatened in our time and in the future.

With the pictures now presented I want to remember outstanding people from antiquity and the Enlightenment - in the hope of better times for "knowledge and reason", because this hope dies last...

An exhibition is currently not planned.


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Immanuel Kant: Use Your Mind!

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